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CHIEF Investigations is pleased to announce that we now offer a Digital Forensics Service

  •  Criminal Cases

  •  Infidelity

  •  Divorce

  •  Custody Cases

  •  Domestic Disputes

  •  Civil Disputes

  •  Corporate and Small Business Espionage

  •  Data Retrieval and Analysis

Whether it is dealing with a cheating spouse, disgruntled employees, theft of trade secrets or stolen intellectual property, companies and individuals turn to Chief Investigations  to investigate the digital activities of their spouses, partners, employees, vendors and competitors.

Chief Investigations  partners with Digital Forensics Corp to handle all of your digital forensic needs, providing specialized technology, expertise and best practices to resolve critical personal and business issues and help organizations focus on their core concerns.

Many marital, relationships and workplace disputes can be resolved quickly and have minimized impact, using the incontrovertible evidence that can often be extracted from digital devices.

Even intentionally deleted files and data can be recovered from husbands, wife, partner, employee cell phones, laptops and tablets or from company servers. In many cases, recovered metadata from such devices can establish a clear timeline of activities, helping to identify who did what, when and where.

Our Forensic Reports are admissible in a court of law, usable for internal disciplinary hearings and provide data for internal incident reports.

Chief Investigations can help you to ask the right questions and identify the most effective procedures for your case at the outset, so that the scope of your forensic inquiry suits the value and economics of your case.

With recent Federal rulings finding that attorneys are responsible for providing competent representation for the digital components of their clients’ cases, finding a trusted digital partner like DFC is the best way to avoid costly mistakes and potential lawsuits.


Chief Investigations via our partner Digital Forensics has the experience and expertise to draft precise, thorough and compelling Forensic Reports. Reports that will help your firm achieve your case objectives, whether you end up settling or going to court.

Chief Investigations provides our clients with a level of customization that is unique in the industry. Our Forensic reports are organized to reflect the objective facts of the case in a manner that is illustrative of our client’s case narrative. Our professional writers understand that in both criminal and civil cases, counsel must tell a clear and persuasive story to judges, juries and opposing counsel

  •  Cell Phone Acquisition and Analysis

  •  Internet History Analysis

  •  Social Media Discovery

  •  Deleted Data Analysis

  •  Data Recovery

  •  Computer Usage Reconstruction

  •  Expert Witness Testimony

  •  Onsite Data Preservation / Imaging

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